Akef denies being Akef on the phone

Nederlandse versie

We sit together to call Akef. We’re calling his personal mobile number, which is available from the business register, anonymously.

Akef: Hello.

HU: Yes, hello, you’re speaking to [name] from Horeca United; am I speaking to Mr Hossein Akef?

Akef: No, but what can I do for you?

HU: Well, we’ve sent you a letter, or to Hossein Akef, in any case to Lupi Coffee. It concerns an employee who has, in the end− well, her contract has been unlawfully terminated, and we’ve sent a letter about it and there’s been no response about it yet, because we’d like to go into discussion over it… but that−

Akef: −that are about a colleague of mine…

HU: Yes, and that’s−

Akef: −Mr Meijer. If you send an e-mail to, there you’ll get the right information about the right employee.

HU: Yes, but I’ll be calling Mr Meijer for a minute too, because we have that telephone number anyway, so is it also sensible, then, to send Mr Meijer the letter?

Akef: Yeah, no worries.

HU: Okay, brilliant.

Akef: Okay, a fine day to you.

HU: Good day.