Lupi is only an Example

Nederlandstalige versie The fight against Hossein Akef’s exploitation of workers continues.   Even though he lost the court case in an attempt to silence us and his ex employees (, the Lupi Man has decided to appeal the court’s decision. He can prepare for another loss. We are continuing actions against this business, and will continue […]


Akef denies being Akef on the phone

Nederlandse versie We’re sitting together calling Akef. We’re calling his personal mobile number, which is available from the business register, anonymously. Akef: Hello. HU: Yes, hello, you’re speaking to [name] from Horeca United; am I speaking to Mr Hossein Akef? Akef: No, but what can I do for you? HU: Well, we’ve sent you a […]


Akef ontkent aan de lijn Akef te zijn

English version Wij zitten elkaar Akef te bellen. Wij bellen anoniem zijn persoonlijke mobiele telefoonnummer, wat beschikbaar is bij het handelregister. Akef: Hallo. HU: Ja, hallo, je spreekt met [naam] van Horeca United; ik spreek met de heer Hossein Akef? Akef: Nee, maar wat kan ik voor je doen? HU: Nou, wij hebben een brief […]


Our Lupi voku tour

Nederlandse versie The struggle against Lupi has not been forgotten about. Since our day in court with Akef in October, we’ve kept our publishing about the dispute to a minimum, working in the background, but working nonetheless. We didn’t approach media, didn’t carry out actions, and kept our website down during the negotiations as a […]