What we’ve been up to: April ’24

Nederlandse versie

We’ve been at it lately!

  • The fight against Lupi Coffee continues! It’s become a waiting game now that it’s reached the legal stage. If you’ve had any trouble with Lupi as an employee, contact us!
  • We’ve been approached by a kitchen help at the Amsterdam branch of of a hostel chain who’s organising with a group of their colleagues for better work conditions, namely an end to shortened breaks, no more illegal surveillance, and payment for training. They’re being intimidated by management now, but they remain resolute, and we’re continuing to help them with their next steps!
  • A group of employees at a deli/cafĂ© in Amsterdam have come to us with complaints over their work conditions, including shifts being cancelled last minute, managers harassing sick employees, and incorrect job descriptions. We’ve informed them of their rights and helped them to write a letter, and we’re now waiting for more information!
  • A group of Ukrainian cleaners at a hotel have been waiting months for payment. We’re working with our adopted parent organisation Vloerwerk and there’ll be news on the way soon!
  • A worker at the canteen of a museum in Amsterdam and their colleagues are being harassed by management; they’ve been told they can’t take any holidays during the summer. Not true, sorry! We’ve informed them of their rights and we’ll see whether they want to escalate further!
  • At the end of March, we held a benefit for the Roman squat L38 as our monthly voku. You can read more about it here: Instagram
  • We’ve been getting a number of questions over workers’ rights and organising. Have you got a question yourself? Come along to a meeting or infodesk (Radar) or let us know (Contact)!